Dreams in 4th dimension

Slowly and imperceptibly by anyone our planet Earth now brings us to the fourth dimension. For many, this change is not light. Intuitively sense that something strange is happening around them. Often we wake up in the morning from a dream and we feel emotional anxiety. He reappeared a strange dream, what he means? And if anything at all mean?

To have a good rest, it is advisable to sleep at least eight hours a day, but today’s sleepless nights tend to be hard to persevere in bed even six. We do not know why? There are those who at that time using more doze even during the day. But I feel tired, lacking vital energy.

Sleep duration is determined by the ability of penetration of light in our body. Energy affects the ability of our cells to a great extent on our sleep. Body covered by a large toxin requires a long sleep (eg. After taking alcohol). You should know that excess toxins leads to various disturbances in the body. The toxins also have a negative impact on our good night’s sleep. Then such a person suffers from insomnia. Sleep is very important in human life and should not ignore the changes occurring during sleep. Insomnia is not always related to the poisoning of the body. It may happen that the interference will cause penetration into the body of a large amount of light. The cells are fed with rich energy and changing need for sleep. In the initial phase of human enlightenment insomnia is a nightmare for him. Over time the body is changing slowly shifting to a new biological cycle, also reduce the need for sleep.

We pass through the fourth dimension, one of the most difficult. Matter that surrounds us today means that we fight with ourselves. We are living memories of the past. The third dimension for us was much calmer. We do not understand where does so much stress, go out to external factors, although we must admit that they also have a huge impact on our behavior.


At the time of crossing the higher dimensions increase our dreams. Human consciousness goes through a higher threshold for the fourth dimension, and then goes back into the third dimension. It is this transition from the third to the fourth dimension, and again back to third and back to front causes a great wave of strange dreams. Or we sail smoothly, it fly, levitate, climb up, we’re on top … and we fall back down again we raise our eyes to the very top. The dream of man is very important in achieving life goals. Thanks to take again the same challenge and finally achieve its objective, the peak of their own desires, cross the new dimensions.

Insufficiently prepared brain, in which the changes occur constantly bombards us dreams. They are a reflection of the human soul. People have different dreams: calm, joyful or horror. They break at night tired, sweaty and terrified.

If someone is doing such heavy dreams should help themselves. It is advisable at this time to stay away from electrical sources: TV, radio, computer, use as little artificial light, has a great negative impact on the nervous system. It should be a lot of rest in the fresh air in the green of the trees and near water. What more is interpreted electricity from our lives, the more they will develop the structure of our spiritual thirst. In the transition period it is advisable to put to bed at 22. The consciousness of man will stabilize smoothly and quickly reach not only the fourth dimension, but also deeper.

Dreams can be different. They return at night memories lived in the day, the brain removes stress, cleans its own storage memory. Already in ancient times they tried to solve the mystery of dreams. Most records we have from Babylonia, Egypt and around the world find information about the dreams of man. Much space is devoted to the Bible. Dreams apply to all aspects of life.


In the Middle Ages condemned it, it was considered incompatible with religion. Seriously dealt with a dream in the nineteenth century. The greatest observer of dreams believed to Freud, who discovered the unconscious man. C. Jung also left a lot of his work on dreams.

Modern scientists put people to bed with electrodes on the head and monitor their dream experience. They control brain waves, and a computer records the entire phase of sleep. It was noted that healthy individuals tend to have other dreams than a chore. Sick body sends the information contained in their cells and points to its weak points.

There are also those who are able to direct the action of their own dreams, dream consciously. Dreams conscious conceal the enormous creative potential. They are the inspiration for many works of art, and even the great scientific discoveries.

We also know dreams warning: harbingers of disease, disaster or foreshadow better times, have a nice event. During sleep, you can connect even with God.

They cause a lot of confusion among the people of prophetic dreams. Some people believe in them, and others deny the accused a man of excessive imagination.

The phenomenon of dreams as old as man himself, always accompanied by and today the dream in a different way: uncontrolled or conscious. Sen reminds man that our life on earth is intertwined in some way, yet another, not quite world, which has a great influence on the destiny of man.